Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Tips # 2

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I have some more tips for you all to enjoy....

~ Use a flat iron (yes, the one that you use on your hair) set high to smooth out hemlines, pockets, and the
   spaces in between buttons on shirts.

~ Use a pumice stone (again, yes the very same that you would use on your feet.) to de-pill you sweater(s).
    Lightly rubbing it over the garment removes pills and fuzz; just be sure the knit is substantial, not delicate  or thin.

~ To get rid of musty smells or unwanted wrinkles out leather, iron them out. Set the iron to medium/high heat
    and cut up a plain brown paper bag in oversize squares. Place the leather item on the ironing board, put
    the paper on top of the area you are working on, and gently iron it, being careful not to burn through the paper.

~ You can use plain, unscented body lotion as a leather conditioner to hide scuffs and light scratches.
    Inexpensive drugstore brands- like Lubriderm- work really well.
***These tips courtesy and provide by Lucky Magazine September &October 2009****

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