Thursday, December 17, 2009

Haul: L'oreal HiP Eyeshadow & Eyeliner(s)

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Hello once I have a haul. This was done a while back but I found the pictures on my camera so I thought I would show you guys about the products pictures. I have to admit...... I heart L'oreal HIP cosmetics line. I truly do! It started with the lip glosses a couple of years ago. Then I moved to the eyeliner, shadows, foundation, etc. And before I knew it  I pretty much had EVERYTHING I could get my hands on from the line. In a lot of the reviews it gets compared to MAC. Now, I know that is a very large Prada bag to fill. But let me tell you ladies the hype & reviews are T.R.U.E!! The color(s) don't fade, the color pay off is great. No matter what tone you are it does not fade. You can ALWAYS find a sale on HIP at the drug stores(s). Buy one get half off, or my favorite buy one get one FREE!! And for a product junkie that is the best time to get some and try it out. So what are you wait for next time you see a HIP sale give it try. I am very sure that you to will become a HIP product junkie like I am. And fall in love with this wonderful also.  Until next time enjoy......

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