Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Review: MAC Paint Pot in Painterly - VS- NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone

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Hello! Lately I have been using eyeshadow bases like crazy. Now, you know how much I LOVE MAKE-UP PRIMER, right??. Well I've been trying out different bases to use under my eyeshadow everyday.  For the most part I will generally grab what my whatever is near me to use as my eyeshadow base (concealer, foundation, jumbo eye pencils,etc). I have had the MAC paint pot for while and since I got it. I have used it barely, but I do enjoy having it. While on the other hand I use the NYX jumbo eye pencils at least 2-4 times a week as a base. So, now most of you know I love me so NYX products! Well in the last few months they have come out with these WONDERFUL eyeshadow bases. There are 3 base colors in total which are Skin Tone, Pearl, and White. The nyx bases are to help hold the color all day. Which I can say is true. Now, MAC paint pot in Painterly has quite a following in it's own right also. This is a wonderful base as well. And does a GREAT job also at keeping eye color in it's place as well. So, I was curious as to see how they compare to each other. Today, I applied my mac paint pot on one eye and the nyx eyeshadow base on the other. They both are equal in staying power and giving you the color impact you want and need from a base. So if you need great eyeshadow base these are two AWESOME options for you to choose from. The MAC paint pot(s) cost $16.50 and the NYX eyeshadow base(s) cost $7.00. Also you may luck up and be able to catch a NYX cosmetics on sale in your area or at If you are looking for MAC check your mall or Until next time.....Enjoy!

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