Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random Tips #4

Hey! I am back with some more tips for you....Enjoy!

~ Have you ever had candle wax spill onto your carpet? The best way to clean up the spill is by first, remove any excess wax that you can without disturbing the carpeting pile. Cut a paper grocery bag to make a flat surface large enough to fully cover the spill, and place over the wax. With a warm (not too hot!) iron, press down on the bag and move in small circles. The wax should liquefy, creating a grease-like stain that will appear on the bag. Continue moving the bag to a new clean area, and then repeat until all of the wax attaches itself to the bag.
If there is extra-stubborn residue remaining, you can try applying an ice cube to re-harden the melted wax, then repeat the process. ( Note: For berber carpets, be sure not to tug at any of the fiber loops as that can cause a run that can span the length of the carpet!) ***PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN USING THE IRON MAKING SURE THAT DOES COME IN CONTACT WITH YOUR SKIN. AND MAKE SURE THAT WHEN USE IT ON YOUR CARPET THAT YOU ALWAYS PLACE IT OVER THE BROWN PAPER BAG AND NOT DIRECTLY ON YOUR CARPET. SO THAT WAY YOU DON'T MESS UP YOU CARPET AND IRON!****  (Info provided by AOLShelterpop Oct 20,2010)

~How to look good in natural light
    1. Apply in actual daylight if ppossoble: find the nearest window facing the sun and prop up a standing   mirror or buy a desktop lamp witha 'daylight' bulb.
    2. Mix foundation with a skin cream: Moisturizer blends so well with any make-up.
    3. Stipple foundation on a fluffy, buffing syntheic brush: the finish is super-understated.
    4. Blush is so flattering: powder formulas in particular have a delicate sparkle and versatility.
    5. Brighten your eyes with plae yellow: Line your eye with a pale yellow eyeliner if they are tired or red-looking. (Info provided by: Lucky Magazine May 2010)

~ Remove ink stains with glycerin:
   1. First, check the clothing label: this works on washable fabrics ONLY. Then place a clean cloth underneath the stain, inside the garment, to prevent seepage.
   2. Dip a cotton swab into the solution- you just need a tiny bit!- and rub carefully on the stain for couple of minutes.
   3.Finally, mix a few drops of gentle laundry detergent (like woolite) with a small amount of water. Apply to the stain with a fresh swab until in lathers, then wash the garment in cold water. (Info provided by: Lucky Magazine February 2010)

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