Monday, December 27, 2010

Arm Candy: Jimmy Choo Scarlet Printed Tote

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Random Info: 10 Ways to Live Longer

~ Look For the Laugh
People with a good sense of humor increased their odds of survival by 31 percent, according to a 2006 Norwegian study of critically ill patients. When something strikes you as funny, your body produces less aging stress hormones, explains Dr. Bruce Rabin, medical director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Healthy Lifestyle Program. 
~ Pop Five Pills
The daily doses for your health and longevity: one multivitamin; 600 milligrams of DHA/omega-3 fatty acid (fish oil) for brain function; 1,000 IU vitamin D for bone and heart health; 600 milligrams of calcium for bones; and 200 milligrams of magnesium to counteract the bloat and constipation that calcium can cause, says Dr. Michael Roizen, co-author of You: Staying Young. ***For maximum absorption, take half a multivitamin at breakfast, half at dinner.***
~ Don't Gum Up the Works
One little strand of floss can keep disease at bay. "Flossing prevents gingivitis, which ages your arteries and immune system," Dr. Roizen says. In fact, studies show that people with gum disease have an increased risk of heart disease and a higher mortality rate. 
~ Talk and Walk
You probably already know that walking 30 minutes a day is great for you—but bringing a friend along is even better. You not only get the antiaging benefits of physical activity but also the social contact that helps bolster immunity and reduce stress, says Dr. Roizen. People over 70 with a lot of friends live an average of 22 percent longer than those with few personal connections, a 10-year Australian study found. 
~Taste the Rainbow
The more naturally colorful your diet, the healthier it is. Vibrantly hued fruits and veggies are loaded with antioxidants, says Dr. Mark Liponis, medical director of Canyon Ranch resorts and author of Ultra Longevity. Fill your grocery cart, lunch bag, and dinner plate with a ROYGBIV array of produce. 
~ Aim for Your Optimal Weight
Sticking close to your teenage weight is good for your health and your vanity. Gaining a lot between the ages of 18 and 40 is particularly dangerous because "every 10 percent increase in weight raises blood pressure, and high blood pressure is one of the major factors affecting aging," says Dr. Roizen. Plus, lowering your daily caloric intake by 10 to 20 percent seems to be linked to a longer life, says Dr. Terry Grossman, co-author of Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever
~ Do Some Good
People who volunteer live longer and have fewer overall health problems, including depression and heart disease, than those who don't, according to a 2007 review of more than 30 studies. "It's a way to make friends and build social networks, and it gives people a sense of purpose," Dr. Rabin says.
~ De-Stress with Intimacy 
Sex has been linked to lower blood pressure and a heartier immune system. "It relaxes you and helps strengthen your relationship with your partner, which in turn increases longevity," explains Dr. Grossman. To wit, one study found that women who said they enjoyed sex lived longer than those who didn't.
 ~ Finish Those Annoying Tasks
The burden of leaving a lot unfinished on your to-do list—think de-cluttering closets or paying a stack of bills—can have the same cumulative impact on health as a major life event like divorce or a death, research has shown. This sort of generalized stress can age you the equivalent of eight years, Dr. Roizen says.

~ Hit the Sack 
Seven to eight hours of shut-eye a night is ideal, research shows. "Sleep deprivation increases the risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, and weakens your immune system," explains Dr. Liponis. To achieve the deepest rest, he recommends sleeping in a cool, pitch-dark room—use eyeshades for a blackout effect if you need to.
(Info provided courtesy: 12-16-2010)
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Review: The Brush Guard

Hi, Everyone! Today I have a review for you. Sometime ago I order the Brush Guard(s) from Coastal Scents. (OMG I LUV that site.). I had seen these things being used by Michelle Phan on youtube in one her of videos. (I can't remember which one so....I am not even going to act like I do.) I was on coastal scents site and I noticed that they carried them. I order the variety pack. (which is good because it has the guards for you eye, blush, face and etc brushes). From the first time I used them I was instanly in love with them. I use them when I am cleaning my brushes to dry them  right side down in a cup. Below is picture so you can fully understand what I am talking about. They really help with keeping your brushes in shape and help the brushes dry correctly.  Here is coastal scents website link to order them. The brush guard .

They offer different pack for brushes but all cost $4.95 per pack.  Until next time.............Enjoy!
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Shoes to die for: L.A.M.B Veena Sandals

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Agran Oil

Hello, Everyone! I know that I have been away for awhile. (Super busy with school. But now I am on winter break) So, I am back and you know what means..updates for you guys. Let's begin shall we.... Okay I know that everyone has been talking about Argan Oil. Now I have yet to try but I know that alot of you are currently using or just as curious I am about it. I discovered this company's website and low and be hold they have a ton of tips and you can also order products from them. Here are the tips that I think would be most helpful to you all! To place an order here is the website info:

~ Argan oil fights wrinkles due to premature aging, in particular crow’s feet (wrinkles under the eyes).
~ The presence of Squalene helps keep skin soft. Due to degeneration our skin loses its softness and tightness which are one of the most apparent symptoms of aging. Argan oil fights against these degeneration effects.
~ Because of the abundance of Vitamin E, much more than other natural oils, Argan oil is good for reducing skin irritation and minor ailments.
~ Great as a simple moisturizer in small amounts.
~ Argan oil helps to regulate sebum production and keeps it to a manageable level which makes it just as good for oily skin. Sebum is the substance secreted by sebaceous glands, which keeps the skin wet and protects against dryness. But in excess, sebum is bad for the skin and can cause acne.
~ Argan oil helps to prevent stretch marks on skin made by pregnancy.
~ Argan oil is frequently used in the treatment of skin conditions like Acne, Chickenpox and Psoriasis.
~ Because of the protein content the oil is also very good for the elasticity of skin. It strengthens the protein bonding structures in the skin that works to tighten the skin.
~ Also great for cuticles, the oil gives strength to weak nails. It can also strengthen the delicate skin at the root of nails and makes it smooth.
Applying Argan oil
For pure raw Argan oil, only a few drops are sufficient to apply to the whole face. Usually applied by a dropper the oil can be used at night as a moisturizing agent. It is non-greasy and non-oily and absorbs into the skin readily and does not leave any oily feel if used in the appropriate amount. It can also be used as a base for make-up because of its non-oily nature.
For nails, an equal mixture of lemon juice and Argan oil is all that is needed. Dip your nails and cuticles into the mixture for about 10 minutes. The treatment will increase the softness of cuticles and strengthen the nails.
On the scalp drop the oil into the desired area and rub in. It can also be used as a conditioner for hair. Use a small amount and run your fingers through your hair.
Until next time.........Enjoy! Xoxo 
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sale(s): Becca/ Urban Decay/ Tarte (Friends & Family Sales)

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Arm Candy: Mini Decca Studded Leather Hobo

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