Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Review: MAC Paint Pot in Painterly - VS- NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone

Hello! Lately I have been using eyeshadow bases like crazy. Now, you know how much I LOVE MAKE-UP PRIMER, right??. Well I've been trying out different bases to use under my eyeshadow everyday.  For the most part I will generally grab what my whatever is near me to use as my eyeshadow base (concealer, foundation, jumbo eye pencils,etc). I have had the MAC paint pot for while and since I got it. I have used it barely, but I do enjoy having it. While on the other hand I use the NYX jumbo eye pencils at least 2-4 times a week as a base. So, now most of you know I love me so NYX products! Well in the last few months they have come out with these WONDERFUL eyeshadow bases. There are 3 base colors in total which are Skin Tone, Pearl, and White. The nyx bases are to help hold the color all day. Which I can say is true. Now, MAC paint pot in Painterly has quite a following in it's own right also. This is a wonderful base as well. And does a GREAT job also at keeping eye color in it's place as well. So, I was curious as to see how they compare to each other. Today, I applied my mac paint pot on one eye and the nyx eyeshadow base on the other. They both are equal in staying power and giving you the color impact you want and need from a base. So if you need great eyeshadow base these are two AWESOME options for you to choose from. The MAC paint pot(s) cost $16.50 and the NYX eyeshadow base(s) cost $7.00. Also you may luck up and be able to catch a NYX cosmetics on sale in your area or at If you are looking for MAC check your mall or Until next time.....Enjoy!
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review: Coastal Scents Flat Mineral Bronzer Buffer Large Brush & NYX Cosmetics Haul


Hi , Everyone
This is a review about the brush in the middle from Coastal Scents. I purchased it for just under $5.00.( I know such a great deal, right?) Here is the website if you on the market for a new brush. The rest of the stuff is some NYX products that I got from Ulta are as follows:
~ 2 Eyeshadow base(s) in Skin Tone and White.
~ 2 Jumbo Eye Pencil(s)in Dark Brown and French Fries
~ 8 Mega Shine Lip Gloss(es) in Desert, Tanned, Smokey Look, Sweet Heart, Frosteed Walnut, Hot Fudge, French Kiss, and Natural.

I use mineral make-up as you all know. I have been searching high and low for a brush that I could use for everyday. Plus, I did not want it to cost to much. I noticed that the ELF line had a brush that looks very similar in their brush collection. Which I also learned that the ELF brush handle may come undone in no time, no matter what time length I used it. That was something that was I NOT willing to take a chance on. Anyway, I remembered that Coastal Scents sells cosmetic brushes at affordable prices. When I saw this brush it was EXACTLY what I wanted along with a matching price. I called and spoke to one of there customer service reps (who was really nice and friendly). Who answered all of my questions about the brush. I placed my order on a Wednesday. I received my brush on that following Saturday. When I received my brush it did not have any foul smell when I received it either! Just a really GREAT brush! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE & GREAT PRODUCTS what more could I ask for. Here is the website:
Until next time enjoy.....
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FREE Mary Kay Make-over!!

Hey! I just wanted to let ALL of you know who MARY KAY COSMETICS. This is a wonderful rep who I just adore, and a really nice person to deal with and order from. Here is her information.... Veronica Slade hi friends, I have a challenge to make, I am now a Mary Kay Consultant and to make it to the next level I have to do 100 facials by April 15, 2010 so I thought I would call my friends to help me out and give them a bonus at the same time. I will give Free Mary Kay product for letting me host a Mary Kay... Party at your home. Just call me to discuss the party and set a time and date. You can also check out what I have to offer by going to my website: call me 818-430-5985 to discuss. Until next time enjoy....
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chi Infra Line For Hair Care

Hey Y'all! In the last year I have, had to change my hair regimen to make it more healthy. In my search I have come across one of the best hair care line(s) EVER!!!! I love this stuff. It is so awesome that it really does not matter what your type is this will make your hair SHINE  like never before. For real... I got the duos combo packs at Ulta. Which if you have been wanting to try the chi line this is the perfect way to do so! Since the products purchased indivduality can cost a pretty penny. And if you only purchase one product from the Chi line look into the Silk Fusion. If you blow out your hair it really seems to make the blow drying go faster but also make your style last a day or so longer. Now you can also find Chi Products in Target and other stores. Happy Shopping! Until next time Enjoy......Xoxo!!!

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