Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Tips #1

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So I have been going through my magazine stack. I have so many magazine(s) it's a shame. But I am not giving them up! (you know the newspaper/magazine stands? I could open one of those with all the magazines I have LOL). Okay I started thinking about some of the things that I do to try and be more eco-friendly in my daily life. Which I thought you would like to know about. Getting rid of old stuff so that I no longer need. As a PJ getting stuff out of the way will mean more new stuff can come in! Here are some tips that I use that I hope you will useful as well. Enjoy.......

~ Save energy by charging small electronics in your car instead of using wall outlets.
~ Trim the wicks of candles and refrigerate them an hour before use to increase their burn time.
~ Air out clothes fresh from the dry cleaner by hanging them outside for a day to avoid tracking chemicals inside your home.
***These tips courtesy and provide by InStyle Magazine October 2009****

~ One of personal favorite faves is to recycle your magazines once you are done with using them. (Donate them to a Doctors Office, Hair Salon, etc.)

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