Sunday, September 26, 2010

Drug Store(s)/ Knock -offs III (NYX eyeshadows / MAC Cosmetics)

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(Photo Courtesy:

(Photo Courtesy:

Hello, Everyone! I have yet another dupe list for you. I hope this helps those of you are on a budget.... The is list for NYX single eye shadows that are comparable matches to MAC eye shadows. Here are their links so you see the colors swatches for yourself MAC Cosmetics: & NYX Cosmetics: Until next time... Happy shopping!

NYX Copper = MAC Coppering
NYX Rust = MAC Cranberry
NYX Golden = MAC Amber Lights
NYX Spring Flower = MAC Swish
NYX Black = MAC Carbon
NYX Champagne = MAC All That Glitters
NYX Sahara = MAC Naked Lunch
NYX Hight Light = MAC Rose Blanc
NYX White = MAC Gesso
NYX Alaska = MAC Moth Brown
NYX Violet = MAC Hepcat
NYX Mermaid Green = MAC Humid
NYX Frosted Lilac = MAC Beautiful Iris
NYX Purple = MAC Parfait Amour
NYX Frosted Flakes = MAC Shroom
NYX Irises = MAC Electric Eel
NYX Atlantic = MAC Freshwater
NYX Dark Brown = MAC Down Brown


  1. I really love NYX shadows... I have a serious makeup addiction --I need to stay away from your blog! Lol!

    Thanks for sharing the dupes! :-)

  2. Love it! I was just checking out the jumbo eye pencils last time I was in Ulta. I'll have to take a better look at the eye shadows next time. Unfortunately they didn't have all that many colors. Maybe buying online is better?



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