Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review: Coastal Scents Flat Mineral Bronzer Buffer Large Brush & NYX Cosmetics Haul

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Hi , Everyone
This is a review about the brush in the middle from Coastal Scents. I purchased it for just under $5.00.( I know such a great deal, right?) Here is the website if you on the market for a new brush. The rest of the stuff is some NYX products that I got from Ulta are as follows:
~ 2 Eyeshadow base(s) in Skin Tone and White.
~ 2 Jumbo Eye Pencil(s)in Dark Brown and French Fries
~ 8 Mega Shine Lip Gloss(es) in Desert, Tanned, Smokey Look, Sweet Heart, Frosteed Walnut, Hot Fudge, French Kiss, and Natural.

I use mineral make-up as you all know. I have been searching high and low for a brush that I could use for everyday. Plus, I did not want it to cost to much. I noticed that the ELF line had a brush that looks very similar in their brush collection. Which I also learned that the ELF brush handle may come undone in no time, no matter what time length I used it. That was something that was I NOT willing to take a chance on. Anyway, I remembered that Coastal Scents sells cosmetic brushes at affordable prices. When I saw this brush it was EXACTLY what I wanted along with a matching price. I called and spoke to one of there customer service reps (who was really nice and friendly). Who answered all of my questions about the brush. I placed my order on a Wednesday. I received my brush on that following Saturday. When I received my brush it did not have any foul smell when I received it either! Just a really GREAT brush! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE & GREAT PRODUCTS what more could I ask for. Here is the website:
Until next time enjoy.....

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