Friday, August 6, 2010

Shoes to die for: Nina Critia Sandals

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Arm Candy: Burberry Quilted Leather Hobo

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Review: Every Man Jack Face Scrub Signature Mint

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Hello, Hello! Okay so you all know that I have oily skin. Now, I have never really been a person to complain about having oily skin. I really don't mind it actually. But as you know really have to exfoliate my skin a couple of times a week. Okay right off the bat baking soda is one the best facial scrubs that you could ever get your hands, period! Over the years I have pretty much tried most of the facial scrubs on the market that you can think of. Well over the years men's  skin care has really improve. So, I needed a scrub one day and I was in Target (y'all already know much of a habit that store is to me~lmbo) anywho, I had to get some shaving gel and noticed that over in that area they carry the men's facial products so I saw this facial scrub by Every Man Jack. It was on sale so I read the back and I sold. It had ever thing that we (product junkies) could ask for from a scrub. Here is the rundown on the info: This effective, yet gentle scrub deep cleans to remove dirt and oil, leaving your skin feeling smooth and clean. Yes it does exactly that. Amazing I know, right!
Coconut-derived surfactants deep clean. Jojoba beads remove dry and dead skin. Marine extracts and Vitamin E soothe and moisturize. Signature mint fragrance refreshes plus it smells just like a pepper mint patti. No Parabens. No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. No phthalates. No Dyes. No Animal Testing.  I know that you are thinking that I am going to say that it cost like $15.00 right? Wrong... it costs between $5.00-$6.50 for a 5 fl oz (150ml) at Target. If you are in need of a scrub or a new to try next you are in the store stroll over to the men's skin care area and check out  The Every Man Jack line. Enjoy....Until next time!
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Love Her Look: Charlize Theron

Hi, Everyone! I hope that you are well as you reading this post. I have been a fan of Charlize Theron since I first saw her in the movie "Two days in the valley". She is just one of crazy beautiful woman and an amazing actress. She is someone that you cannot seem to help but look at her when she is in view. I remember a couple of years ago, when we went to movies to see the "Hancock" when it came out. The part where the camera is really close up on her face my sister and I both could not help but notice how flawless her skin appeared. And her is always pulled together in a way that makes it easy to apply to your everyday look if you wanted. I really like her make-up and hairstyle which is a general "no make-up/natural" look.  So here are pictures of Ms. Theron to view. Until next time...Enjoy!

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