Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Info: 5 Beauty Products That Flatter Everyone

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~ Gold and Purple Eye Shadow
Gold on inner corners brightens all eyes, while purple's broad appeal is that it's not too cool or too warm.

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~ Pinkish Brown Lip Liner
Define lips with pinkish brown color. It won't look cartoonish on fair, medium or dark skin.

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~ Sheer Pink Lip Gloss
Sheer pink gloss complements all lip colors and never looks overdone.

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~ Deep Cocoa Eyeliner
A dark brown liner is rich enough to register on dark skin but won't overwhelm ivory skin.

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~ Soft Pink Cream Blush
A cream blush that's not too pink and not too red can be layered for more vibrancy as needed. (Info Courtesy:

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