Saturday, December 11, 2010

Review: The Brush Guard

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Hi, Everyone! Today I have a review for you. Sometime ago I order the Brush Guard(s) from Coastal Scents. (OMG I LUV that site.). I had seen these things being used by Michelle Phan on youtube in one her of videos. (I can't remember which one so....I am not even going to act like I do.) I was on coastal scents site and I noticed that they carried them. I order the variety pack. (which is good because it has the guards for you eye, blush, face and etc brushes). From the first time I used them I was instanly in love with them. I use them when I am cleaning my brushes to dry them  right side down in a cup. Below is picture so you can fully understand what I am talking about. They really help with keeping your brushes in shape and help the brushes dry correctly.  Here is coastal scents website link to order them. The brush guard .

They offer different pack for brushes but all cost $4.95 per pack.  Until next time.............Enjoy!

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