Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Haul: Nyx Cosmetics/Bare Minerals & Maybelline

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NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette(s): Secret World & Jazz Night

(Bronze Smokey Eye Kit/Single eyeshadow(s): Rock & Black)

Lip Gloss(es):Sponge Cake, Beige & Natural/ Lip Pencil(s):Natural & Cocoa/Eye
 Pencil(s): Taupe & Black

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation: Golden Dark/ Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation: Tan-dark 1

Hello! I am so excited to show you guys what I got from Ulta today. First of all, they are having an AWESOME sale on cosmetics from: Maybelline, Revlon, NYX, and Physicians Formula. At 40% off this week, the sale ends on 10-2-10.  When I went to Ulta today I mainly went to purchase the NYX Nude on Nude Palette but they were sold out ): So instead I got the Bronze Smokey Eye Kit (: . I have to admit I do like the colors. I have not done a swatch with them or anything yet. But come tomorrow I will giving them a try. Now the single eyeshadow colors I got did not take a lot of thinking about them. I think that you need a black eyeshadow. And the color Rock is black with what looks like shimmer/glitter in it. I think it would look great for an special look. The lip glosses 2 are back ups, because I will search high and low when I have misplaced or lost my favorite lipgloss of the moment. I have lost WAY to many pricey lip glosses over the years. And besides,  don't act like I am the only one who has ever given someone the evil eye when they have a lip gloss on that looks JUST LIKE the one I can no longer find.(lol...smh about that!!!)  It's one of the GREAT reasons why I LOVE Nyx lip glosses. What they cost you can get 2 for the price of what most other cosmetics would charge for 1 lip gloss.  Sponge cake looked really cute. The pencils were back-ups also. The Bare Minerals Matte Foundation was FREE. I really love my Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation. Now, I now what you may be wondering is much every cost... Well are you sitting down the grand total was......$22.49 TOTAL! So if you can get to Ulta this make sure you do it will be so worth it (: Until next time...Enjoy!

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  1. Can you please swatch and review everything you got?? :) I love NYX!! :)

    Btw I found you through beautylish! :) Can you please check out my blog too? :)



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