Monday, July 12, 2010

Love Her Look: Kerry Washington

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(Photos Courtesy:
(Photos Courtesy:
(Photos Courtesy:
Hello! I hope that you are doing as you are reading this. I have to admit that I am just like the rest of you when it comes to having certain celebrities that capture your attention with their choice of fashion sense (or the stylist they pay for that fashion sense~LOL), Hair, Make-up, etc... You get where I am going with this right?! We all have this list of celebrities who we love to know so we can raid their closets in order get the "can't be seen in the same stuff twice" from them (admit it, don't act like I would be the only one to day dream about that perk from being friends~ lol)! To me Kerry Washington is one of those celebs I have on my list. I have seen alot of movies in which she stars. And I just love her "natural" make-up that she pulls off each and every time. I hope that you enjoy the photos of her that I have posted until next time! Enjoy...

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