Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FREE Mary Kay Make-over!!

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Hey! I just wanted to let ALL of you know who MARY KAY COSMETICS. This is a wonderful rep who I just adore, and a really nice person to deal with and order from. Here is her information.... Veronica Slade hi friends, I have a challenge to make, I am now a Mary Kay Consultant and to make it to the next level I have to do 100 facials by April 15, 2010 so I thought I would call my friends to help me out and give them a bonus at the same time. I will give Free Mary Kay product for letting me host a Mary Kay... Party at your home. Just call me to discuss the party and set a time and date. You can also check out what I have to offer by going to my website: call me 818-430-5985 to discuss. Until next time enjoy....

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