Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Review: St. Ives Fresh Skin Make-up Remover & Facial Cleanser

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Hello! You all know how much "I LOVE MAKE-UP", right? And how much I love to talk about it. I just noticed that I have not mentioned how and what I use to remove the make-up at night!! Before I use my Dermalogica face wash. I use the wonderful cream as the first step in my night routine.Okay, I have to confess to you guys ready? Here it comes as much as I luv my mineral make-up. It can very stubborn to remove at night. If you don't get it ALL off of your skin. It can lead to breakouts and what not! So make-up removal is VERY IMPORTANT!!!! My favorite is St. Ives fresh skin make-up remover. I use about the size of a quarter for my face and rub it into my skin. Then use a little bit of water to make a little active and then take a wash cloth to remove it. And WOW.. everything is removed. I really love how well it works on my eye make-up also. I really like how gentle it is on skin. And it does not contain animal by-products and not tested on animals either (happy, happy, joy, joy)! It costs under $5.00 is which great because it is a good size bottle (6oz.). You can find it at all the drug stores and etc. So next time you need a new make-up remover check this one out. Until next time....Enjoy! Xoxo

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