Saturday, November 14, 2009

Smashbox Quick Eyes

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Hello! I hope that you are doing well as you reading today's post ;) Well it's getting to be that wonderful time of the year where cosmetics companies put some their best products, together in gift sets for the holiday season! And for a TRUE product junkie like myself, it's (one of)the best times of the year for buying cosmetics. Having a blast trying a lot of stuff and getting it at AWESOME prices!!!! Which makes it all the more better. I have been wanting a shadow liner (aka pencil) brush for a while now. Searching EVERY where I could: Target, Michael's, Sephora, Ulta and of course the MAC counter. I was just unlucky in finding one at the price I was willing to pay for it. (If you are thinking that I was being cheap. Then you would be right!) I'm not willing to pay $18.00 or more for ONE single brush. So when I saw that Ulta was having this Smashbox set for $12.99. I jumped ALL OVER IT!!!!! Now, I wanted the brush that would have been great for me at that price but it came with TWO wonderful eyeshadow(s). The eyeshadow(s) colors are Asap & Pronto. In the picture Asap is on the left. It's a shimmer brown-mauve color. And Pronto is on the right it is a shimmer vanilla-soft tan color. Which is going to look great on all skin-tones. So if you are in the area near an Ulta (or any store) that carries gift set(s). Stop by and take a look to set what great deal awaits you! Until next time.... take care!

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