Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brushes, Brushes & more Brushes....

Share it Please

This is my brush collection and here are the pictures to prove it. In the 1st pic are the concealer, eye base/primer, lip brushes, etc.
2nd photo are the face brushes (blush, face powder, mineral)
3rd photo are the eye brushes (eyeliner, large/medium/small eyeshadow,crease, shader, eyebrow brushes).
95% of my collection came from Michael's craft store. My total cost for the brush collection was about $75.00. And they are ALL great MAC dupes.(If I had made this purchase from MAC. My brush collection could have easily cost more than $600.00!!)

If there are any questions you have or any brushes you would like to know more about please free to ask. Just PLEASE let me know what pic it was in and the color of the brush. And I will only be to happy to give you the info.
Have fun looking....(Sorry the pics are out of order!)

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